Candidates should send an e-mail to with a short cv and motivation letter. The cv and letter should be named as 1st-lastNAME-CV.pdf and 1st-lastNAME-ML.pdf (that is personalize the name of each file with your first and last name).



Next edition deadline for application:

Not available yet


Full Name:



Professional activity: Professional /Postdoc, BTI, BI (or other non-post-doc research grant), PhD student (with/without scholarship), Lic. (Bachelor)/Master student.

Academic formation:

PhD student of the 1st year of Doctoral programme BIODIV (FCUL/FCUP), Biologia (FCUL) or BEAG (FCUL or UA)?

If yes to the above question, PhD student doing the Course to count credits for 1st year?

PhD student of cE3c or CEF (Centro de Ecologia Funcional)?

If PhD student from another programme/centre, which?
MSc or PhD students in Biology, Environmental Sciences, Ecology or related areas, postdocs and professionals working in related topics.
  Nº (min, max) students: 10-20

Minimum academic formation: Bachelor in Biology, Natural Science or related areas
Free for 1st year PhD students in the Doctoral program in Biology (FCUL), Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution (BIODIV UL; UP) and Biology and Ecology of Global Changes (BEAG UL, UA) when the course counts credits for their formation, in which case the delivery of a final report done after the course is mandatory.

50 € for more advanced PhD students of cE3c; 80 € for PhD students of the PEERS network (CFE); 125 € for FCUL Master students and unemployed; 180 € for BTI, BI and other PhD students; 250 € for Professional and postdocs.

  If maximum number of students is reached, 10 vacancies will be available for non-paying 1st year PhD students mentioned above by order of preference: 1) cE3c students; 2) BIODIV students (not from cE3c); 3) FCUL students (not from cE3c); 4) BEAG students (not from FCUL).
  Silvana Munzi (Univ. Lisboa, cE3c-PSE), Pedro Pinho (Univ. Lisboa, cE3c-Changes), Paula Matos (Univ. Lisboa, cE3c-eChanges), Cristina Máguas (Univ. Lisboa, cE3c-ESFE), Cristina Branquinho (Univ. Lisboa, cE3c-eChanges), Sofia Augusto (Univ. Porto)   Location: Depart. de Biologia Vegetal, FCUL

Schedule: 9:00-18:30 (36h)


This is a cE3c advanced course